Thursday, March 8, 2007

Global Election

This morning George was all about the coming election, the documentary and that the party is in a mess. So I had to help him up.

“Look! It is all easy. First thing you should do is to bring up the question of “Global Election”. After all US president is not just ours but also the world president. Now you are ruling over Iraq, Afghanistan and lots of other places.Then you start your campaign and travel all around the globe.”
“But how about the expenses?” he asked.
“You are the president. Right? You can have as many foreign trips as you like. And you deliver the same promises as you gave before.

"I will restore honor and integrity to the White House"
No decision on Yucca Mountain until research results are available
Free trade
"I'm a compassionate conservative"
"Leave no child behind"
"I'm a uniter, not a divider"
"President of all the people, not just those who voted for me"
"A reformer with results"
Election Reform
Reforming the Military
Reversing Course

“Woww! Did I say all that?” he asked.

I said, "And for some countries you can only promise “FOOD”.
And just imagine how many votes you will have. A record breaker you will be! Win state of China and you are back to power.
And your rivals can go making as many documentaries as they like. Their sponsors can not afford trips to all these countries. You remember when they were out of cash they traveled between states in cars saying “we do it the American way. “On the highway!”

Now replies to some of the comments:

To “Noislam”
No hard feelings my friend. You’re aright. Do as you say and bring down your government for obtaining your social rights and the USA army is there to back you up and take the lead after them mullahs are out and don’t worry for the expenses. We use your own oil to back us up. Well of course we in America fought and are fighting for our rights but in a different way. We just fight for our social right without overthrowing the whole thing? Because 1- If we do, then how can US army invade USA to back us up. 2- Where do we get the money to build it all up again? We can not fight at home and at the same time be present in Iraq or Iran.
Ex Muslim? Right that is the best way. It is all about religion and not politics and money.
I just crossed your name from the Terrorists list. You are one of us now, welcome. And to show my sincerity I am now an Ex-Christian and a new Cafeterian.

To “N”
It is all made up. It is part of the Islamic conspiracy. The pictures, people, reporters and all those involved in showing we are hard on our political prisoners are part of it. I asked George about it and he said. “Political prisoners are those in the party who want to leave because they can not stand me and they are treated just fine. And they are only a few. As many as my left hand fingers. One, two, three… yes just six.”

Some talk about Money mongers?!
It couldn’t be so. See, I have'nt received my wages since birth only because I am not yet (officially) an American citizen but, after I go back to Texas I will get it all and I won’t monger it for sure. None of us does. We just spend it.


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