Thursday, April 12, 2007

Selling my story

Was so glad they let us sell our story. I typed it out and gave it to some well-known papers. No success! They said it was too boring. It was my lack of descriptive writing I thought so I bought some books and CDs and watched some action movies dealing with kidnapping and hostages. After it was finished. Still no success! Because I was the 16th and it looked a bit strange. At last “Alfriston Journal” a village newspaper in East Sussex on the river Cuckmere offered to buy it, when the British government forbid selling of our stories. On the other hand Eyeran said they will publish everything in CD documentaries and on paper. It was the first time I actually felt good about being the 16th and continued my trip abroad back home!!
I am now back home abroad in Tie-ran.
My mission is to go into Natanz Nuclear complex. To see what them Eye-ranians are up to in there. And if what they claim is true. I personally think (and George also agrees) that they are building Atomic Bomb under millions of watchful eyes and in very near future will announce it. To say to the world “tarraaa” poor Bush was right but you didn’t listen. And Ahmadinejad like those bad guy in movies will show the bomb and laugh, an evil bad guy laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha. Here Bush has to do the job himself as the good guy “a one man job” Arnold way and save the world….. sorry I was taken away.Once in Natanz complex I will download all the information on their computers to my weblog. Wish me good luck because I do need it


Ben Heine said...

You have an amazing imagination.


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