Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Missile is almost ready

00 Zero the insider reporting live from Tehran.
After all those hair standing reports I had sent from this city of terror, traffic and pollution. Now what? Talks!
I got a cab to work this morning. Here they call it taxi and the drivers speak a funny language. I had to go north west of Tehran to visit newly built Telecommunication tower. Why? I have found through my agents that what looks like an ordinary 400 meters tower is actually a missile aimed at Washington D.C. see the picture here

the missile looks it was made from concrete but it is made of a very high-tech strategic alloy called Con Crete. Imported from North Korea by Al-Qaede into Iran.just look at the warhead. It is loaded with nuclear bomb substance called Con Cre Te. And all the men there are wanted nuclear scientists who ran away from Russia. Imported by contras. Not only that. Under the tower down in the ground they are making suicidal bombs to be exported to Iraq’s terrorists who are against Iranians. Now why these guys are exporting all these bombs to Iraq to make that country unsafe? God knows. Because an unstable Iraq is the biggest neighborous treat to this country and helps the US army stay where it is. Perhaps it is a sophisticated strategy by Ahmadinajad. That is for other insiders over ther to find out. Now I am almost there. “Stop here”. Sorry I have to pay cash to the driver and move on to investigate. Here they don’t accept American Express. I don’t know why!?

It is sunny here. I very much miss walking in New York streets and the Big Double Decker Mac! Hamburgers here taste funny. We had some Americans last week visiting Iran. They said they had a good time here but, I know how full of hate these people are. The visitors should have read my reports before even thinking about visiting Iran. I disguised myself as a waiter at their hotel to make sure they were not given terrorist poison under cover of steak and kebab. People kept smiling at them with grenades and weapon of mass destruction in their pockets. I made sure the US nuclear attack on Tehran was postponed until they were safely back home. But who could tell. Sometimes in a war we have to make sacrifices, don’t we? I still remember 11/9 when as the towers were coming down an Iranian terrorist ran out of the building holding an Iranian flag and the picture of Ahmadinejad in his hand and just vanished in the crowd under the nose of our agents. He was even given a first aid kit by the emergency guys thinking he was a victim. I have the Video film but, because it is classified information you have to wait for another thirty years to see it.
00Zero the insider

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