Sunday, March 4, 2007

Beating around the Bush

Just imagine what the world would look like if, and only if EyeRun (Iran) has nuclear weapons.
First thing they would do is to send one missile to Hiroshima because Japan backed US sanctions against EyeRun. Just think of all them Toyotas destroyed.
Then they will move into Iraq and invade it. Poor Iraqis living under military rule of the EyeRunians. They don’t even care about their injured let alone the Iraqis.
They might even invade Vietnam just not to be behind in their race against us. Then Afghanistan and the rest of the world.
They will surly invade Israel and hand it over to those Palestinians. And these Palestinians will build a wall all through the country and check points and won’t let Israelis breath a word about their right to live in their own country.
They will do all they can to change the glob into one small village. Just imagine running into AhmadiNejad on your way to work every morning.
Imagine all the people living under EyeRunian rule. You may say I am a dreamer but, I am not the only one. You can join us if you like.
1- Pave the way for Bush’s army to attack EyeRun. Ask your representatives to help him.
2- Join the peace parades and convince people to join the army in the name of peace.
3- Use Greece experience in invading EyeRun by Alexander the Great. We can use their intelligence reports and satellite pictures taken before their attack.

Don’t let another Sadam be born with all those weapons of mass destruction. (you can ask for details about this from Tony the Blair).

You don’t believe me? Just look at this picture from Tehran. All men here are wearing mustaches just like Sadam and are all potential dictators to be. And what you will have millions of Sadams on your hand giving a million dollars for each to be hunted down.

See you in Tehran Conference (the second) after our peaceful war is over.


T. Ali-Bandana said...

Hi from wet and grey UK.
You have a brilliant funny viewpoint on such serious subjects.
If you are from Eye-Run then you prove to the World what anyone who has met a real I-runeian knows,.. that you can have a fantastic sense of humour!
I am rolling on the floor laughing!
You may be just a yank, though, having an Iron-ic joke, but if you are you have been watching episodes of "Monty Python." I-rony comes hard to those guys, even the Brits' humour does not always get understood in USA.
Perhaps you are a yankee doodle in I-rock, and you are bored and using the net before you have to go for a Sunday afternoon drive round the park in your hum-vee.
Anyway, great stuff. I hope you get alot of readers.

copenhagian said...


Insider from Eye-Ran,.. saw your site,.. you do have a delightful sense of humor,.. in the midst of the political/diplomatic madness.

Our guy in the White House fits right in with the photos on this thread here,..

Our pResident,..

Looks like der Fuehrer,..

He wears this nice little flag on his lapel,..

We used to laugh at Fascism,.. but with Bu$$h it is not so funny any more,..


Come visit,.. please don't loose your humor.

homeyra said...

Wow! I am going to link to this great post. Thank you for opening my eyes!

homeyra said...

Sorry insider, I couldn't resist. I simply cut and pasted the whole thing, with all due links in my blog.
:) you made my day!!!!

N. said...

Well, the good thing about Bush is that it has made the US to act like Iran. see to see how Americans treat their political prisoners to be convinced :)

noislam said...

with no disrespect ,why don,t you tell the world what the evil islam actually doing to those poor and occupied nation that are trying very hard to get free but something about you reminds me of EVIL CARTER,sense of humor maybe but any sign of HUMANITY no and please never forget todays IRAN is a production of Anglo-American in 1979 with the leadership of EVIL JIMMY CARTER.

fma7 said...

on second thought thanks for the inside scoup. I thought there was something suspicious about the waiter lingering around our table


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